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Neal Moore Creative Business & Communications Coach Host & Moderator


I've spent over 25 years in TV, publishing, marketing and digital media startups.  I have worked as both a "creative" and a "suit" building and, at least once, exiting creative businesses that serve world class clients including AIA, Ben & Jerry's, Canon, Cisco, Citibank, Google, HSBC, Panasonic, Singtel, UPS & Visa.  Now, I'm using my breadth of experience  to offer business coaching to creative people and communications coaching to business people.



Business coaching for creative people.

Moore's Lore Media Business Coaching


Communications coaching for business people.

Moore's Lore Media Communications Coaching


Hosting & moderating for podcasts & events.

Neal Moore Host & Moderator for Podcasts & Events


Moore's Lore Media Clients Mandy Wong TBWA

"Our leadership team really took away some great new skills in the recent media and speaker's training led and conducted by Neal. He was exceptionally engaging and the session was so enjoyable, the hours passed very quickly!  I also came away from our 1:1 sessions in the last 12 months very well equipped with distilled thoughts and POV's on key relevant topics.  It has been a fruitful journey and I would highly recommend Neal and his amazing team." 

Mandy Wong, President, TBWA Singapore


Neal Moore

Creative Business & Communications Coach

+65 8428 1560

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