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Moore's Lore Media helps people and organisations

tell better stories for business impact in three ways...


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1. Strategy

We build research backed strategies for consistent, creative and cohesive content that enables clients to reach and engage the audiences they crave.

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2. Advisory

We solve creative, organisational and technological challenges that prevent marketing and communications teams from operating at their productive best.

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3. Training

We educate and equip employees and executives to participate in and produce professional multimedia content from concept to click.


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We believe the best way for people and organisations to create scalable impact in an online world is by becoming their own influencer, which means producing and publishing consistent, creative and cohesive content to reach and engage the audiences they crave.

We also believe that creativity is the ONLY true differentiator and that to develop it internally and connect to it externally is a strategic imperative for every individual and organisation.

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Moore's Lore Media was founded by Neal Moore on 1st January 2019.


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Our service is holistic and designed to create long term, sustainable impact on your business.  A typical engagement lasts 6 - 12 months and begins with  an audit of your current content, capabilities, talent and technology. 


From this we can determine your strategic, advisory and training needs and develop a content transformation plan for your marketing and communications function. 

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Moore’s Lore Media was founded in Singapore but works with clients and creators across the region from Sri Lanka to Sydney.


Moore's Lore Media Neal Moore


Content Strategy & Storytelling Consultant

Neal is the founder of Moore's Lore Media and a 23 year veteran of the TV, publishing, advertising and film industries across the UK, USA and Asia, where he has been based since 2009. 

Moore's Lore Media Nurfilzah Rohaidi


Content Strategist & Creator

Nurfilzah is a former journalist with Asian Scientist and Gov Insider who turned communications strategist for the United Nations Development Programme before joining Moore’s Lore Media in 2021.

Moore's Lore Media Jane Soon


Finance & Admin Manager

Jane is an accountant who prides herself on helping creatives and innovators build thriving business by giving them insight into their finances, which is why we’re so glad to have her on board!

Moore's Lore Media Mia Brigette Chua


Content Coordinator & Creator

Mia is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belter and Google certified digital marketer.  She manages our projects to ensure we deliver on time and in budget in the most efficient way possible.