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An Ocean Of Opportunities With UNDP

The United Nations Development Programme is a United Nations agency tasked with helping countries eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable economic growth and human development. The UNDP emphasizes developing local capacity towards long-term self-sufficiency and prosperity.


Small Island Developing States a.k.a. SIDS lack land mass and, in many cases, natural resources, which has hampered their development...until now. It turns out that being surrounded by water has its benefits in what's know as The Blue Economy.


The Blue Economy represents a way for SIDS to create prosperity whilst maintaining progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. However, to date there has been little information about the Blue Economy, no formal or internationally recognised definition, and a lack of policy of advice for governments to capitalise on it. That's where we came in.


Moore's Lore's was charged with developing an 'action brief' for SIDS governments that would inspire them to take action towards building their own blue economy.



We spoke with leading scientists and the former Seychelles Minister for Environment & Tourism, not only about what The Blue Economy is but also how governments receive and respond to such concepts so we could package their data and insights in a way that would appeal to their target audience.



Having gathered the material we took a journalistic approach to organising it, creating a coherent narrative out of the science that could be understood by anyone at any level of government and at any depth they chose, from headlines and summaries down to detailed charts and graphs.



We also made the briefing attractive to read, using principles of layout and design as well as illustration to ensure our publication stood above and apart from the usual, bland whitepapers circulated around government departments. We also added navigation buttons to the online version to help readers find exactly what they were looking for instantly.



The final publication, entitled 'An Ocean Of Opportunities', is 55 full colour pages accompanied by a slew of social media content including carousels, quotecards, infographics and slideshares to support the launch and on-going promotion across all UNDP channels.



Feel free to download a copy of the publication and share it with any SIDS ministers you may come across! 


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