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Telling The TWG Story Online

Founded in Singapore in 2008 by the formidable husband and wife team of Maranda Barnes and Taha Bouqdib, TWG Tea is the finest luxury tea brand in the world.  Offering over 1,000 single-estate, fine harvest teas and exclusive blends as well as tea patisseries and other tea infused accessories, TWG Tea is internationally recognised as a true innovator.


With a presence in 22 countries worldwide TWG Tea’s stunning salons and boutiques welcome millions of visitors a year who come, not just for tea, patisseries and accessories, but also selfies in the opulent interiors.  In fact the attention to detail in every aspect of TWG’s retail outlets from product and service to design and layout has enabled it to buck the retail trend of consumers going online instead of buying in-store.  But, this is not a reason to ignore online, in fact it is a challenge to raise the game.  


How might TWG Tea recreate the opulent and immersive experience of visiting its offline outlets, online?  This was the challenge Moore’s Lore was set when we were engaged by Maranda and the response was simply, “storytelling”.


Using Google's “Hero, Hub, Hygiene” strategic framework for content, and a great deal of research, Moore’s Lore Media developed a range of concepts and stories that would immerse viewers in the world of TWG Tea, its products, people and history.  By pairing with world class filmmakers, and training some internal ones, we brought those concepts to life with stunning visuals as you can see below.


"Time For Tea" is TWG's hero film, a meditation on time; the time it takes to grow tea, grow a tea business, build relationships, steep tea and drink it, which requires finding time in one's eternally busy day.

And this is the first in a series of "hub" content shot at tea plantations around the world, "Tea Origin Stories" seek to enhance understanding and appreciation of TWG Tea's more than 1,000 single-estate, fine harvest teas and exclusive blends.


The entire project encompassed research and development, vendor sourcing and management, team leadership and training over a seven month period. The results speak for themselves but co-founder Maranda Barnes kindly added this: 

"The unique thing about working with Neal and Moore’s Lore Media is his capacity to combine a rigorous strategic approach with pure creativity.  His depth and breadth of experience enables him to inhabit so many different roles; strategist, storyteller, creative and producer to name but a few.  He is also an excellent communicator, managing my expectations and those of my stakeholders whilst educating us all on the finer points of the production process.  I never before realised how essential the role of a producer was until I saw Neal perform it.  


From simple social videos to complex stories and our stunning new brand film, Neal not only understood our needs but was instrumental in finding, recommending, briefing and managing the right talent to deliver on them.  Thanks to him we now have a roster of world class directors and production teams to help us continue our creative journey  

Neal also equipped our communications team with a studio set-up and the training in how to use it so we can ideate and create content internally too.  This has been particularly useful in generating quality b-roll for international press.  

In just seven months Neal has turned TWG Tea from video novices into a video literate organisation with a slate of stories that the BBC would be proud of.  On a personal level, it’s been an absolute delight working with him and I know this is just the start of a long and fruitful creative partnership."


Thank you so much to Maranda and the team for the most wonderful and rewarding experience.

Maranda Barnes, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer


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