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Bringing The 'Singlife With Aviva' Brand To Life With Content

In September 2020 it was announced that homegrown insurer Singlife would merge with Aviva in Singapore's largest insurance deal. This meant the creation of a new brand, Singlife with Aviva, to 'give people the power to control their financial wellbeing'.

Our challenge was to bring that brand to life in a content strategy that would address multiple demographics through long-term, sustainable content that customers could come to rely on for sound, unbiased advice.

After auditing Singlife's content to date, we set about interviewing staff and customers for insights that informed our comprehensive content strategy, which included:

  • Five original branded content concepts 

  • End-to-end content creation workflow 

  • Publication and promotion schedule

  • Revised department org structure

  • Refreshed vendor roster

  • Updated tech stack

We kicked off the strategy by producing three of the original branded content concepts, which included writing the briefs and scripts, undertaking vendor pitches, negotiation and management, and directing the shoots whilst co-directing the edits and animation with Singlife.



This is a series on financial literacy for younger people to reduce the fear factor around insurance and investing, hosted by former Singlife intern, NUS business grad and local influencer Vanessa Ho.


Starring Singlife's own in-house doctors, this series tries to help Singaporean's reduce their life insurance premiums by adopting a healthier lifestyle and taking responsibility for their own wellbeing (we did a Chinese version too!).


As advocates for mental wellbeing Singlife wanted to help Singaporean's improve their mental, as well as their physical, health.  LifeSteps is a series of ambient walks through Singapore's most beautiful settings with binaural sound to help calm you down when life gets to be a bit too much.


"When Singlife merged with Aviva, we formed a partnership with Moore's Lore Media to develop an insight-driven content strategy aimed at empowering Singaporeans to achieve financial freedom. Moore's Lore Media demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs, our business, and our target audience, ultimately delivering a comprehensive plan for our blog, YouTube, and social media channels.


They handled all aspects of our content production, including briefs, vendor recommendations, and the direction of our content series 'LifeLessons' and 'LifeSavers'. Throughout the process, they facilitated creativity with effective and enjoyable brainstorming sessions, bolstering our reservoir of ideas.


If you’re seeking to make a meaningful impact with your content, they are the team to work with."

Stephanie Lee, Creative Content Lead, Singlife with Aviva

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