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Coaching Lazada To Communicate With Confidence

Lazada Group is an international e-commerce company and one of the largest e-commerce operators in Southeast Asia with over 50 million active annual users.  They are a prolific advertiser but also rely on regional and in-country communications teams to engage press and influencers and combat any online criticism that may harm the brand or its sellers.


To ensure the communications team has maximum visibility and influence across the organisation  Moore's Lore Media designed an insights-driven training and coaching programme to increase their confidence, creativity and capabilities in five steps...



First we designed and deployed an online survey of 30 questions for the regional and in-country comms teams to fill in to assess their attitudes towards their own work and its contribution to the business.  Next we interviewed them one-on-one to get a more personal and nuanced view of how they view their roles.



Based on the results of the data we then developed a three day workshop, in partnership with Lazada, to address all areas of concern from storytelling capability amongst junior staff to leadership communications at the senior level and creative ideation across all teams.



Next we designed the course slides, exercise materials, takeaway guides and other collateral to aid ongoing improvement and avoid all learning being confined to the conference room.



Two months after the initial engagement we delivered a hybrid workshop from Singapore, where the managers were gathered, to the country HQs where their teams watched on screens.  We also dialed in our own expertise from Australia, with Nurfilzah delivering sessions on social content, Canva and AI to complement Neal's work on location.



Finally, we combined the inputs from the workshops with the data gathered during the research phase to redesign the monthly communications report to make it more relevant to leadership. And we created a programme of one-on-one coaching and group facilitation to ensure to ensure new concepts and practices were embedded in the organization.

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