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Helping Akaria Fight Climate Change With Finance

Akaria Natural Capital is an impact-first investment company founded to fund natural climate solutions that sequester carbon and mitigate climate change through conservation, restoration and improved management of forests, mangroves, peatlands and oceans throughout Southeast Asia.

Akaria was co-founded with Schroders, a leading global asset management firm with over 20 years sustainability and impact investing experience, and Conservation International, which has been 'fighting to protect nature for people' since 1987.

Akaria asked Moore's Lore Media to develop a brand, messaging and content from scratch that demonstrated its innovative approach to tackling climate change whilst aligning with its partner Conservation International.



We developed a range of concepts based on research, references and stakeholder consultation, including a workshop to discern their taste, style and parameters.

We then honed those concepts in a further series of facilitated feedback sessions, with the partners, until we found the right one.


We recorded and transcribed all the workshops to capture the language of Akaria's stakeholders, which helped us develop unique messaging around this overexposed yet still underserved subject.

We then turned this into a messaging matrix containing everything from tagline and elevator pitch to key messages and talking points.


Finally, we pulled the branding and messaging together in a launch video and a dozen FAQ videos captured in a single sessions to explain what Akaria is, how it works, who is involved and why others should invest. We continue to develop social media content including mobile-shot videos of the remote projects they are developing.



"When we started Akaria all we had was a name and an innovative idea to create a new asset class out of nature.  However, to go to market we needed a brand, message and content that would communicate who we are and what we're doing - which has never been done before in this region!  With no professional marketers on our team we put our trust in Moore's Lore Media to give us an identity that not only could we be proud of, but also our partners at Schroders and Conservation International. 


Neal and his team listened attentively, created efficiently and delivered brilliantly with an entire suite of brand assets from logos to videos and everything in between.  Since then they have continually offered advice and assistance to help us consistently update our message and content in response to market feedback.  I'd highly recommend them to any business looking for a one-stop-shop to build and strengthen their brand and messaging in a quick and efficient manner"


Gary Addison, Co-Founder & CEO

Akaria Natural Capital

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