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Helping the ‘ADB’ Reach a New Community Through Content

The Asian Development Bank or ADB is a multilateral non-profit organisation committed to achieving 'a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific, while sustaining our efforts to eradicate extreme poverty'.  


To this end they decided to reach beyond the politicians and policy wonks that form their core constituency to engage impact entrepreneurs and investors, who are innovating the solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.


Our challenge was that the entrepreneurial community are not inclined to read lengthy white papers and printed publications.  They live online and on mobile.  They are task oriented and time poor.  They have long to-do lists and short attentions spans.  They only want to know what they need to know when they need to know it.

This is not how the ADB traditionally communicates so they decided to create a new platform to host a different kind of content, custom-made for this new audience.  And they called it 'Tech For Impact'.  Here's how Moore's Lore played a role...



The platform name was already decided but Moore's Lore was charged with developing a brand identity that would communicate the values of the platform, allude to its ADB roots and appeal to entrepreneurs and investors.


Adopting Google's ‘Hero, Hub, Help’ framework Moore's Lore developed a range of distinctive content titles and formats that can be produced efficiently and at scale across ADB’s fifty or so client countries.


Working with selected production partners in Singapore and Manila, Moore's Lore produced pilot versions of all the content to set the standard and style for the entire platform’s output going forward.

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