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We educate and equip employees and executives to participate in and produce professional multimedia content from concept to click.


How to create and deliver persuasive presentations

  • Who is it for? Anyone who has to stand up in front of colleagues, customers or conference audiences and talk about what they do.

  • Why should they attend? Because from Winston Churchill to Barack Obama the power of the spoken word, when harnessed by practiced orators, remains undimmed.

  • How will they benefit? This session will help participants harness the power of storytelling, slide decks and stagecraft to give a more assured and effective presentation.


How to get the content you want from the resources you have

  • Who is it for? Anyone trying to reach and engage customers and prospects anytime, anywhere.

  • Why should they attend? Because we are surrounded by powerful and persuasive stories every day but if we don't recognise, capture and share them no one may ever know.

  • How will they benefit? This session will demonstrate how to create compelling content at scale on time and in budget no matter the channel medium or format.


Understanding video production from lights and camera to action

  • Who is it for? Anyone who has struggled with commissioning or creating video on behalf of their company or themselves.

  • Why should they attend? Because everyone who has ever attempted to make a video has experienced the crushing disappointment of a poor final product and wondered “what did I do wrong”?

  • How will they benefit? This session will equip you with the creative and technical knowledge to ask for exactly what you want from the right people or agencies so that you get it, every time.


How to make the most of every media opportunity on stage, on screen, in print or online

  • Who is it for? Anyone who has to engage with the media in print, on-screen or online to demonstrate or defend what they do.

  • Why should they attend? Because, thanks to Zoom, there have never been more opportunities to engage with the global media from wherever you are (but there have never been more opportunities to get it wrong either!).

  • How will they benefit? This session will help participants to look and sound their best in every situation, deliver memorable soundbites and stories with authenticity, and stay on message, even in the most trying circumstances.



How to define your purpose, pick your platforms and participate in social media at scale.

  • Who is it for? Any organisation that wants to reach prospects and customers, vendors and partners, press and employees where they live online.

  • Why should they attend? Because although social media is familiar to all of us as individuals, it's a whole different ball game showing up as a brand or business.

  • How will they benefit? This session will empower participants to put their head above the parapet of social media to build their profile, audience and impact online for the benefit of the brand.


​"Neal is an enthusiastic and entertaining expert, it’s no wonder his LinkedIn Makeover session at the Asian Development Bank Innovation Fair 2020 generated such positive feedback. Oversubscribed from the start, the audience surrounded him when he came off stage clamouring for more insights and personal guidance on their profiles and content creation. I have no hesitation recommending Neal as both a speaker and trainer and look forward to having him back on stage, or screen, soon."​

Dr. Susann Roth

Chief Of Knowledge​, ​Knowledge Advisory Service Centre, Asian Development Bank

“Neal from Moore’s Lore Media did an outstanding job training our employees in storytelling and how to deliver a stellar webinar or online presentation with his useful tricks and tips. From employees that had been media trained to novices there was something for everyone to take away. We received positive feedback from all that attended. The energy and excitement Neal displayed made the online training sessions feel like they were done in person and time just flew by. I would highly recommend Neal to any organization that is looking to upskill their employees in storytelling, presenting and looking to take their webinar speakers to the next level.”​

Nikki Taylor

Director Marketing Growth Strategy APAC, UPS

"When Neal presented on why all brands need to be great storytellers at the Amadeus APAC Comms and Marketing Forum, he literally changed my way of thinking and career forever. He inspires truth, gets the best out of people and is genuinely one of the best people I have ever worked with. I still refer to his content, ideas and sometimes, crazy ways of thinking. If you haven't already, you are missing out if you haven't worked with Neal."​

Hinda Smith

Corporate Communications Manager, APAC, Amadeus

“A stellar performer who never fails to deliver is how I would describe Neal.  I had the privilege to engage him for our video production workshop and all I can say is wow!  An amazing, highly entertaining presenter who is able to make heads turn, deliver real-life insights and quoting from our delegates is, ‘An absolute legend!' It definitely has been an honour working with him and I look forward to replic​​ating this success for our future events.”​

Michaelpone Sufian

Conference Producer, Pacific Conferences

"Neal is not only an engaging speaker but entertaining too, illuminating every stat with a story or personal anecdote from his many years in the content industries.  With deep knowledge and demonstrable passion for his field he is a valuable asset to any event and I have no hesitation in recommending him."​

Matt Green

Global Media & Digital Marketing, World Federation Of Advertisers

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