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When people ask me what a producer does I tell them; the producer is the person (or persons) who collects the Oscar for Best Picture, for without the producer there is no film. But what, specifically, does a producer do and why is that important to marketers and communicators as well as filmmakers?

Whatever content you’re trying to create, be it a movie, a TV show or a branded video you need three key elements to succeed:

The producer’s job is simply to bring all three of these elements together. In that respect they are like the MD or CEO of the production, managing all aspects of its creation, not JUST pictures, sound or post.

On a large production, where there is greater budget and a greater delineation of roles you may have multiple producers who are stronger in one of the three areas e.g.

  • An ideas driven producer’s strength is in finding or originating concepts by optioning intellectual property such as games, books or even news stories.

  • A talent driven producer’s strength is in their little black book of contacts and their ability to attach best-in-breed talent to any project, which helps get it financed.

  • A money driven producer’s strength is as a dealmaker, creating proposals and cutting deals with studios, production companies, private equity and even brands.

Obviously, to create video content you need someone to capture the images but before you roll camera you need to ensure you have the best idea, the right talent and the appropriate budget to achieve your desired outcome. Only a producer has the range of skills required to do all that. The videographer, though essential, only captures images but he/she cannot tell you which images to capture or why; they actually appreciate having a producer who speaks their language to work with.

So, next time you need to commission some video content find a producer first and they'll find you ideas and the right talent to execute them.

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