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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Just as war accelerates the pace of innovation so does a crisis. I believe that Small & Medium Enterprises have a greater agility and incentive to adapt their products and services quicker and went looking for proof. The result? Well, here are just 5 SME’s that are crushing innovation the age of Coronavirus.

Far Features Founded by multimedia journal Fraser Morton and photographer Eszther Papp, Far Features is usually a globe trotting production company telling human interest stories from remote locations including the Arctic and Antarctic. Right now they are grounded in their Bali HQ (not too shabby!), but are turning their old footage and yours into brand new stories like this:

Calling it the Far Found Project, Fraser & Eszther are ready to explore your archive and share their own to help you keep telling beautifully shot, compelling stories about people, places and things throughout this crisis. Contact

Click2View Yes, I was the co-founder but since I left in 2017 my former partner Simon Kearney has grown the company’s offering to include an agile live solution based on cutting edge technology that links mobile phone cameras together with wireless mics and a portable mixing desk so you can run multi-cam webcasts from just about anywhere. If you need to level up your webcast game contact 

MPC Events Events have been hit harder than most by a crisis that demands social distancing and, in the most extreme cases, total isolation. However, MPC Events has innovated hard over the last few weeks and come up with an end-to-end virtual events solution under the banner of MPC 'Virtual' Events. Founder & Chief Experience Officer Crystal Chua explains:

“Our clients tend to come from wealth management or luxury goods, which means their events have to be a cut above with creative themes, stunning venues, world class food and wine - they can’t simply do a buffet in their conference room. The same goes for online. A pixellated webcam with bad sound won’t cut it for them, which is why we have pulled together state-of-the-art studio spaces with 4k live streaming cameras, professional TV hosts and content to create premium online events. As far as our clients are concerned, they aren’t in the webcasting business, they are now in the live TV business.”

For more information about MPC Event’s virtual event solution contact for a brochure.

Neo.TM Neo.TM is one of the region’s leading providers of event tech from AV to projection mapping. Titular Founder & CEO Neo Yong also recently opened an a live e-sports centre called The Gym in Jalan Besar, where fans can watch their favourite gamers do battle. Unfortunately, with social distancing rules in place battle cannot commence so Neo has retooled the studio for premium webcasting & virtual events, partnering with MPC Events to deliver the total experience. Check out his venue below and head to for the full range of services.

Shootsta The DIY video subscription service that trains people to shoot their own footage then upload it for editing overnight has brought forward plans to expand beyond corporate video. The company will now coach and assist in the production of webinars and podcasts, furthering clients’ digital content strategies.

“When COVID-19 first struck, I immediately called a number of our most exposed clients to ask them how we could help,” Shootsta CEO Mike Pritchett said. "It was apparent that while video will be a key form of communication over this period, companies are keen to ramp up their efforts on other forms for content to inform their customers and keep their brand front of mind. We’re already experts at video production. The introduction of these new products capitalise on that knowledge and will help out clients rapidly deploy new strategies to adapt to what are very challenging times.”

The new product suite including podcast, animated explainer videos, voiceovers, and pre-produced webinars will be immediately available as part of Shootsta regular subscription service. Find out more at

It's tough times out there no doubt, you can play your part by social distancing, washing your hands and supporting SME's that are innovating fast to meet your needs in an ever-changing world.

Got more stories of SME innovating in the age of Coronavirus? Drop me a note in the comments.

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