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I am, when time and money allow, a producer, writer and very rare director of independent short films and other video ephemera that I hope to one day take to Hollywood, or at very least the Bromley Odeon!


Below are a selection of of my productions and you can find more at


Teaser for short film from Moore's Lore Media & Studio Rarekind that explores the real life impact of our online behaviour.


Berlin Bromley is an independent feature film based on the memoir of Bertie Marshall who, in 1969, was an androgynous, gay teenager growing up next-door-but-one to David Bowie in Bromley.  Currently in development with Gizmo Films in London, this is a teaser from the original author...


Tester for a co-working comedy that takes a satirical swipe at startup culture, the gig economy, wellness, wokeness and whatever else gets in its way.


Written & Directed by Mark J. Blackman and produced by his partner in crime Roxanne Holman at Joker's Pack Productions (with a little help from Moore's Lore Media), this urban fantasy was an official selection at festivals all over the world.  It was nominated for seven award and won three including two Best Pictures and one Best Director trophy.